Differences between Scrabble & Words With Friends

Board games have been the heroes of game nights for families and friends ever since their invention. Word games are a favorite amongst the people because they can combine learning and fun, and everyone loves having new words to use whenever they talk to someone else. Scrabble and Words With Friends have become very popular because of this. Being the most popular word games on their own terms, they come with many similarities that allow those who play to become familiar with the others, but while this is the case, they also have a number of features that set them apart from each other.

There are two main aspects that make these games different. The first one is the layout of the board. While they serve for the same purpose, which is set the letter tiles in order to form words and use the special board tiles to increase your score, the design of the Scrabble board displays its Double Letter, Triple Letter and Double Word spaces in the shape of an X that connects the four corners in the middle, which is a Double Word square, and the Words With Friends board presents the same special spaces in the shape of diamonds, leaving the center of the board as a regular space.

(Scrabble Board)

(Words With Friends Board)

The second difference between these games is the way in which they handle scoring, including the number of tiles available for the players. Scrabble counts with 100 tiles, out of which are 42 vowels and 56 consonants. While Words With Friends offers 104, out of which 44 are vowels and 58 consonants. And when it comes to scoring, each game has its own point value assigned for each of the letters, Words With Friends being the one with a higher value for most of the letters. In Scrabble, the higher point values go to the K, J, X, Q and Z, and Words With Friends holds the K, V, X, J, Q and Z as the higher scoring tiles; in both cases these are the least used letters of the English language. Scoring may also depend on the rules of each game, seeing as two letter words can increase a player’s score even higher than the bigger words, and Scrabble has 101 two letter words that are valid, while Words With Friends counts with 105 acceptable two letter words. One more thing that can help with scoring is the special squares scattered over the each board, allowing the players to use them during a move to make the value of their letters and words double or triple if they know how to take advantage of these special places; in Scrabble, the board counts with 17 Double Word squares and 12 Triple Letter squares, and the Words With Friends board displays 12 Double Word Squares and 16 Triple Letter squares.

Tile Value (Words With Friends on the left, Scrabble on the right)

If you enjoy learning new words and improving your skills, both of these games could be a great choice for you; one for game nights and even parties, and the other to help you meet new friends online.