Scrabble, shooting for a higher score.

Everyone loves to have fun during game nights with family or friends, and even both! But there are a few who can feel a little more competitive than others. If you fall into this group of people or want to show someone else that you can add a little competition into the fun as well, there are many ways in which you can make your score higher while learning something new at the same time. There is nothing wrong in looking for ways to improve yourself in board games, especially if this helps you with your vocabulary. It’s never bad to make sure that you are learning while you have fun at the same time.

Two letter words are usually the ones that get ignored the most because they are short, making people think that no good score can come out with them, but these are the ones that can give you more points if you use high score letters, especially if they come as suffixes or prefixes to words that already made a lot of points on the board. These are the words you should look for the most when you feel like you are running out of options or ideas, since there’s always at least one that can help you, both on the board or within your own tiles, so make sure to look closely.

If you want to make your Scrabble score higher, you can also expand your vocabulary and learn words that contain some of the least used letters. Even though swapping your tiles can make you feel like might waste your turn, it can bring you some luck if the next letter you get is a consonant. Another thing that can make this better is if you learn some of the rare words with only consonants, if they have one or more of the high score letters. Clearing all of your tiles gives you 50 points in addition to the ones your word is making and that is the best way to get ahead in the game, so you might want to learn as many words as you can to make this happen, the S and blank tiles are wonderful for this since they can give the word an extra point and fill in for any missing letter you might need, this could even win the game for you!

And finally, there comes practice. This might be the most important thing of all. Practicing online against an AI when you can’t find someone else to play with is excellent and fun because while they can teach you more words, you can also learn new tricks and strategies from them that you can later use during game nights and impress your family and friends with your skills in Scrabble.

Now you are nice and ready to join a game of Scrabble. Have fun with your friends and family, either online or with a real board, and blow them away with your knowledge and abilities to make the most out of every word.