History of Scrabble

Scrabble is the most popular word game in the world, created in 1938 by Alfred Butts and given its official name later on by James Brunot. To give it an even more fun significance, the word Scrabble means "to scratch frantically". It is known for making time go by in a very fun way, with even a travel version available so you can carry it around on your trips and spend time challenging those around you to a match while you are in the train, bus and even in a place, if strangers are up for it! This game is able to bring fun and knowledge together in the best way, combining some nice competition and the opportunity to learn new words that you will be able to use in your life later on. It comes in 29 different languages for those who speak or are learning more than one and would like to test and expand their knowledge by putting them to use with friends and family members who share this interest.

History of Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a word game online developed by Newtoy, very similar to Scrabble but not at all related to it, that connects you to your friends and family across the internet, allowing you have fun with them and learn new words and strategies that might work as well in other word games. When it comes to online games, Words With Friends provides something that not every other game does, and that is a combination of fun, online safe online interaction and the opportunity of learning alongside those you care about the meaning and use of new words, even the ones you’ve heard before in your life but didn’t know anything about. The new version of this game also allows you to play against bots when you have no one to challenge, making it easy for you to practice and increase your level of skill and experience so you can surprise everyone with your improvement.

History of Words for Scrabble

Words for Scrabble was created in order to help you find words for your game night, and also to help you verify that those rare words being used are actually allowed and not made up. This is a tool that might be able to solve any conflict during game nights with your family and friends if someone makes a move with a word that doesn’t seem to be real. You can find new words and learn great game strategies that will help you raise your score and beat your friends and family in fun ways. For the people who love words and want to have fun using them, this is a wonderful suggestion, because it can show you all the valid words available that you can always remember when you are running out of tiles at the end of the game and save your score even when the situation is making you think otherwise. This tool is for those whose idea of having fun is a night of sitting down with friends and get the chance of share their vocabulary knowledge.